Digital Design, Coding, Design-Thinking, & Entrepreneurship Workshops for all our west side young folks ! Because 2020 has been complicated, and it's time to design & dream & build your own future.

Workshop 1: Design Thinking
Your Next Big Idea for Appalachia

What does Appalachia need for our new future? What does your west side neighborhood need? This is our first digital workshop using design-thinking tools and exercises to generate ideas, creative-problem solving, & radical imagining to rethink the places we live. This workshop is designed to build ideation & creative problem solving skills, creative confidence, vision authorship, & positive vibes all around. Finish the workshop with a TON of ideas on how to build on the strengths in your neighborhood to tackle the challenges, because challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Download the free vision sheets below, grab some markers, and press play to get started!

Workshop 2: Visual Design

What is visual design? How can you visualize your idea from Workshop 1 to communicate it with the world? In our second digital workshop we explore how visual design can share messages that tell stories, change hearts and minds, and change the world. This workshop provides an introduction into what visual design is, a few basic design terms, how to sketch your ideas and how to use the FREE Adobe Spark Post app to create a poster design that is entirely your own! Download the free vision sheets below, grab some markers and your device, and press play to get started!

Workshop 3 – Introduction To Coding

Ever wonder how a website works?  Are you curious about what is going on behind the scenes in a video game?  Workshop 3 – Introduction to coding will provide a hands on learning experience involving the basic principles of programming using the Tynker website.

Workshop 4 – Money 101

The Financial Literacy Bootcamp presents a money management workshop covering three key areas of personal finance. Students will complete lessons in Setting Financial Goals, Wants Vs. Needs and Budgeting. They will learn about financial psychology, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, zero-dollar budgeting and more. By the end of the lesson, students will understand the key reasons for continuing their financial education, use the Goal Setting Framework provided to document at least one specific, time-bound and measurable financial goal and be able to complete budget worksheets using Microsoft excel.

Summer 2020 Online Workshops
New Workshops drop weekly throughout July. Sign-up below by emailing us to stay in the loop!

Makeshop Design Lab is a project of Studio MESH, in partnership with Boys & Girls Club, Fun Fitness Kids Club, Financial Literacy Bootcamp, Elk City Renewal Association, and youth of the west side, with support from west side businesses and the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation!